I am a young man who live in Passau a village called Breitenberg, and in this village there is usually no activities that i can  engage my self on for example going to school where i can learn the language  because i fine it difficult to speak to the woman responsible for us in that place i:e she cannot speak English. Also there is no other stuff where i can keep myself busy for the day. Normally what i do during the day is like eating , sleeping and i end up watching TV just to keep myself as a normal person and not to get out of my senses.

my life is so terrible at the moment because i did not know where to begin and i am in a suituation of loneliness and darkness. I really feel like having advices and living in a place where i can interract with people. Finally  i would be happy to hear from you my friends and those who can help me to get out of this condition before things get worst, because life is really difficult with me in that village.

Thank you

From your friend.