Summer 2009

Starting with “Asian Foundation”?
Frankly,still quite bitter when I am writing this blog as the unexpection causes by my comments in internet on China Govt. in late year 2003,nearly 6 years ago.
So that,my life track changes.
So that,I suffer torments again and again,as well,much much happinesses and “unexpected splendors” I gained.

^^on this and the followed blogs I am writing and will be written,all offensive and critical not for personal but certain systems,rules and behaviors etc. .

In recent chatting with a friend,I reminded the same season last year 2008.
I said to myself:to get a job to leave hostel,to keep still because of my turbulent passions,hot-temper comes from extremely awful health,living situations in hostel of Pfarrkirchen. During the call with a woman in BAMF of Munich, she was trying to find excuses to revoke my rights of working.She asked:You have problems in China,why you want to study in England?By such logic,I must not have study in Britain.Then,I must be a liar,working rights of course should be revoked!

Japanese,Chinese,Korean–the Eastern Asia culture may not be excellent.But,people in the society under Eastern Asia Culture must be “upward”,through education is always a way to be upward,that man to be somebody in his society,that is the phenomenon of asian man fighting for their society position.

Stupid questions always reflect real intention of somebody`s own.
That is also why I got a paper which says Bundesamt will provide me a people knows China well before asylum interview.It is really a pity,I did not get one!Has this happen to every Asylum Seeker?
That is why Frau Angelina Merkel ever in China,a Chinese writer said Chinese officers knowing better Germany than Germany`s knowing China.Nodded agreement from Frau Merkel.
Among chating with the friend,I mentioned the experience I had in summertime last year,the Barvarian friend said:Perhaps that Barvanrian King Maximilian hundreds of years ago know more than certain officers in BAMF Munich.My friend smiled,said again:They don`t have much asian knowledge.King Maximilian has a lot of collections from China Queen,you know, at that time there was a monk from Augsburg area.!I don`t know exactly about that monk,but as I know priest Johann(chin. name 汤若望)from Koeln in period 1650s changes china time,who is in charge of the china heaven.and the ground affairs is being in charge of China Qing Emperor.^^
Either I don`t know exactly wether the woman needs asian foundation or not,but courses for humantarism,common values must be taken,as well for etiquette.Or directly go to church.
Kind regards.
Jiang Nan