Four Days of interesting Brainstorming: Day 1

On the first day, 6 strong members of JOG Bayern came together at 16:20 pm.We started cutting the film we took at the refugees camp in Nordlingen.The film has some interesting clips of the refugees and migrant youths there and their situation showing determination to fight for their rights to improve their situation in those places.
The anti-lager demonstration “Lagerschlussverkauf”(11th- 14 June 2009 at Stachus in München) was also discussed and the plan towards that.The youth want to be active there in order to fight for the struggle for their rights.
We had some few minutes break for a wonderful meal together:-)
Since finance is an essential part of this whole projects, we plan to appeal to organisations for assistance.
The transportation cost,sleeping places and travel permissions are major the major problems.
We look forward to everyones imput and assistance in every little way to make the struggle for the lives of refufees and migrant youths to be a reality.