I’m a narrow-minded person,here for the reason I have to do sth. again for BAMF(as mentioned in Blog ‘Summer 2009).
I was sent to China Consulate in name of going to my lawyer’s by a deportation order from BAMF.I was at that time in Detaintion Centre Munich,and believe me that you can not get any fast,efficient help to stop them in that situation!
Such TRICK that BAMF presented to me as well when I was in Britain far away from Germany. Britain Govt. was infromed formally that I would not leave England willingly.Be honest,I couldn’t find any reason to remain in England if I had an acceptance from Germany. As an extension of BAMF’s political smile to Britain Govt. ,I was detained,and almost be deported.After sussceed in preventing deportation,I was noticed that Police could come someday to my hostel,and the plane loaded me will take off to China,to death!

God says thank you!I am still alive,and will survive!
I thank the woman in UNESCO Bamberg,the two men in Jesusist Org. who stopped the deportation!
I thank all the Organizations which are helping asylum seekers,thank the people putting heart in upholding justice!
Thank you!

Jiang Nan