There is,always is

Stratagem learnning suggests:wether you would have fall into your opponent’s trick,or you just went in his trick’s(laudatory:stratagem) direction of and turned it to your adventage,is up to your position.Dominant or not.
(Mentioned in Blog Thanks)I was in China Consulate,I shown my identity to china officers.I went BAMF’s direction of,seems that I must be deported back to China.But,in Pfarrkirchen I am now .
Question is:what is the dominant?The will-power the governor privately has?The common values exist in the world?
The answer naturely is:Common values in the world stand up for it..

In year 2008 I had such two instances for what’re german common values.
A german student threw his shoe to China Prime Minister Wen in Cambrige University,while he was shouting “You are a autocrat!”.
A german lecturer in Tsinghua University seriously stated his views on Tibet affairs”Communism can not poison Tibetan any more,a free Tibet is real China!”
We have a further question:Does current German Law stand with the values?Of course it does,because Germany has a collective,demoncratic Government.

I myself had such instance:my second asylum application is rejected in the situation of the officer in BAMF Nürnberg DID NOT see any my statements.(Besides,I also paid attention that he–the officer has a doctor degree!)

As a people in praying,I insist on that Germany is different from China.But such a thing cann’t be shirked by an excuse of Bürokratie.

There is,always is the button line which can not be broken.There exist,always exist values (e.g. humanrights) we cann’t encroach on.There is,always is somthing we must uphold!

For my case,I am expecting a new justice-upholder.

Best regards,
Jiang Nan