this is the rate of german federal government accepts chinese asylum seekers,which you can easily get it from government.It is correct.

china gonernment has a statistical office,and it alway offers LUDICROUS nummber to common people, for instance,eximious economic growth,balanced social wealth distributing etc.

back to the 3%:if china produced 3.1%,or 2.9% to germany in the past,that means,someone has been treated unjustly,or someone has been being connivance.I heard a story,Bundesamt accepted a chineseman who has been persecuted due to he thieved a DUCK from his neighbor,he was almost cruelly killed by policemen.

as a chinese,i think it’s incredible,and IMPOSSIBLE of course,the man would have a warning or at most two weeks’ detaintion punishment in such case.just think it over,is it necessary for the state to work in this trifles,does it take too much resoures to KILL the guy?

the duck-man is so LUDICROUS,the nummber 3% too.

the german politicians want to continue the humanrights game with china?communists and physicists say qualitative change comes from quantitative change.Now the internal chinese feckly think the western’s china humanrights records are bullshit! i don’t care about their thinkings are correct or incorrect,but i care about what in future the counter-attack german politicians will recieve from their all babyish behaviors.

‘doing a deal’ needs jetton. it’s time to end.

for the men beyong nummber 3%,it is certain that they are unlunky to make asylum appilications in germany.and,most of the ones would have same question to ”the one” overriding them:my honourable Bundesamt,may i scram away from here?///-_-

jiang nan