german culture experience

i was invited to walk through a Linde allee together with a german girl.a year later,an old woman tells me Linde tree is a symbol of love in german culture,till that monment i finally cleared about what the girl meant.
you know,love is the understanding of mine,the girl should be direct in her german-styled expression,anyway,it is my most beautiful memory in germany.i appreciate it.

BMW trade mark is tranlated into ”Junoesque Horse” in chinese,that’s nothing to do with Bayrische Motor Werke, it is with blue and white color pane that is from Baryern kindom flag.I told these to a friend with Sun family name.a businessman he is,I heard his laughs in my call.
my research is,BMW never expound its details of trade mark in china,which just are connotations of Baryern State.

[the friend aged 23 is fabulously rich,he got not only a BMW car but also a Posche in doubt the common wealth now is controlled by certain high ranking people in china,and at present they are the men of the China-man ;-)]

the current my asylum position is not allowed me to leave a Landkreis where I’m living.I am in Rottalinn.i wanna have a go to Burghausen last year,for a middle age culture tour.I was imperturbably facing to a woman in BAMF munich,when she negated it with contumelious strain.and this ludicrous fact of course must appear in chinese and japanese media later on,as my retorsion,because can you image that there was a my political purpose in Burghausen middle-age Castle which is fucking harmful to german federal government?

Mr.Ackermann is the chief of Goethe Institute Beijing.He is working hard in spreading abroad german culture so that we must pay a lot of respect to him.i ever saw him speaking in china state media:chinese people alway make germay relate with war,it should be changed.

here comes my conclusion:Germany is a great courntry.With your love,she is more beautiful!chinese don’t know germany yet,they’re trying to carry forward their culture,so does germany.but,there are idiots in german govermant pretending to be elitist are maring steps of german culture to go stronger.They not only have scares but also stupidities.

i hope this would have your a bit of attendtion.

jiang nan