china geheimdienst ohne grenzen?

informed by a posted man china ‘police’ are in boschetsriederstrasse 41 munich where the BAMF stands on, which is for a coorperation between china-german government of a deportation plan in their official commentary. untill now,there isn’t yet any big media has pertinent reports on this event,and it seems that this would be mystically appeared and disappeared.
as it was taking place,süddeutsche zeitung touched my persecution story;meantime,my documents were being asked to send to those ”policemen” by german officers.i am happy i am still here.

the uigur organization of munich was been condemned to instigate and make the killing tragedy in Xinjiang Province by china govn. at the same time.

it’s necessary to ‘unscramble’ this ‘cooperation’.

understandable that germany ever took in enormous nummber of chinese asylum seekers to its wilful thinkings.
period changes,Bundesamt is anxious to find a way to reduce chinese asylum applicants,its burden and mistakes.
but,even if,it does not mean china’s cooperation is the sticking point.

i may have your notice:china angrys at germany’s noncooperation in violence of munich chinese consulate,twice both made by tibetan and uigur last 2 years.the former one conducted its media magnify these two ‘most serious violences among the all chinese consulates’ ,to exasperate chinese people.’provocation’ is used by china spokesman.
try to question it,how they wish to cooperate with germany.obvious that it must be of some other motivations.

are they real policemen,can they be china national security workers?did they come for the uigur revolutionary,or,for espial?
why bundesamt allows them to execute the law in Germany,where is german dignity?
why germany has a second-timed persecution to chinese asylum seekers?HOW THE SEEKERS’ FAMILIES IN INTERNAL CHINA CAN BE SECURE?
what is both the governments’ each true intention?

it could be the most huge honour for ‘china police’ to work in munich.;-)
commonsensibly,when ‘china police’ works,the righteousness ends.i have to say,it is a shame this time for BAMF to betray german principles and conscience.

jiang nan July,2009

any breathing for life gets ahead of the existence of his/her is german governmant?