frames of mind


Chinese investigate germany,german actual slack system after 2nd world war is on account of france,because france does not want a gumptious neighbor.
Friend Chik–an american chinese–was detained in Munich when he came to germany for commerce,which caused by a commercial dispute in Hongkong 1995.
Chik repeated to me the american consulate’s telephone enquiry to munich which he wants,as he cannot stand the only 2 times‘ shower a week in detaintion centre .

*US Consulate:may i ask when you will release mr.Chik?
*M: i don’t know.
*US Consulate: and do you know why you arrest him?!
*M: …

(don’t know reason?false arrested?)


Many china people are pleased at chinese system is running so efficiently that any demoncratic system cannot achieve. I am not happy with this,but it is indeed.
still can not find a word to describe the german system besides slackness,which is also existent,I swear to the god. ‘fou’ ,a Scottish one,so I combinate them—acting as a fou. This could be the first time you see it,just made by a fcuking asylee.
Acting as a fou,hard to understand?,at a word,like I ever asked an offcier:do you think germany is shirking the responsioblities in aslyum affairs specially include my case. She said,why we must take them in?
I must say the substantive right can be negligible,no wonder killing is just civilization falling down accidently.


‘Huh,also asylee’ — the plainclothesman disdainfully spoke to me.
I do not have bomb,chinese have a lot of sexbombs,if you want,china would have gift you a A-Bomb. this was what I say to the plainclothesman when I was controlled in Mühldorf railway station Nd Bayern,when he had rude to a chinese woman who get controlled too,when he nearly took off my trousers in public on platfrom 1 mühldorf.
all people who are leading a normal life,I beg you to project yourself into such lives in germany in the hereinbefore case of I have to say so.
jokingly speaking,Deutschland should make up its mind to be Goetheland or Polizeiland.