about Krankenschein(SHV),and more…

the most of asylum seekers in germany must have a Krankenschein before they go to see a doctor.

i did not get any one as i kept a normal condition since 18 months. recently i have to,because i am distracted. a british doctor said i was having ADD so that i nearly throw away my NI card(national insurance card,in british hospitalization system).but i am glad i am still potential.

i told a holland friend i have to cancel our appointment the next day because i first have to go to Sozialamt to get that paper,he could not understand what is Krankenschein,”a permission which to the doctor’s ” i said to him while he was bug-eyed.

Is it wrong of saying – a permission to the doctor’s?

I don’t agree that ever british politicians said many many many asylees are ‘‘stealling‘‘ britain hospitaliyation resource,even though i was putting a part of laborage into the resource. We understand why this or that is defensing itself.


this is politically using to deport asylum seekers now. My roomate is suffering toothache,while someone is asking for his passport.

I do not want to against germany,but we have to think over it,a proper solution is very necessary.

For instance, 2 weeks ago,the friend inquire to german government possible that germany can ‘transfer‘ me to holland,because holland treats asylees better than germany(at least,this boy who is writing this article has been insulted in public by german police).

she-the officer-said: ‘where is his passport?

”Munich airport holds his passport. his china driving licence,identity card,household,school certification and reports can not show who he is? You are facing to all his doings on newspaper,in internet,he is in danger,why turn your blind eye to this? Why not let him go when you are not able to,don’t wish to take the responsibility?”friend said.this is also i want to say here.

Government is always able to choose ”to answer” or ”not to answer”. People in government follow his own


contort acknowledged values. ‘Politician‘ contains ten letters,is of two kind of people who practises it.RATION-german strongpoint-can not withstand these either.

A chinese proverb

that teaches man do not occupy the lavatory when the man does not want to shit,:-) you would understand it exactly,wouldn’t you?

!!All above is the exertion of freedom of speech!!