Informationsasymmetrie,Devil Economics

information asymmetry
”german law gives no allowence to overthrow its current system,toppling your china government is violating german constitution” — at a hearing,officer says to a political asylum seeker.he sat about, frustrated. in 2 seconds the officer starts a new question. his no oppugnation of it becomes pretermission of that.

if you agreed,toppling the illegal one is legal.

many chinese seekers complain their being ‘tricked’ by such whoever hearing officers and interpreters,by their inclination,by asymmetry information**.

fuck up up up the officials…
fuck down the ‘oriental despotism’…
Freaky Fear Economic

fear–is a powerful weapon.
deportation puts you in danger,you fear,as well any other limited conditional things:food,water,accomodation and transportation;if you are an asylee in bayern.

pitifully,the rather brilliant and shrewd officials used to ‘THIS’.Boschets-Bullshits-rieder str.41 d-81379 is funky,do you agree?
Zoological R Society ZRS–protects no human,but animals in o’ffice,cold blood devils.humanrights is kind of good they know,you would shut up,be down, if you are in the edge of being limited,being deported.

°_° ”’


**which’s the officer has more informations to be on a vantage point.