What If Buttered ?— By Political Conciliarism,Law Is Injusticial

narrated by a dutch captain when i sat in front of him,a man right back from Balearic Sea:
more or less 45 schabbily dressed Africans, formed mainly from children and middle-aged,also some eldly,were taking a small boat to Spain. Boat SOS the holland oil tanker,and asked wether help transport part of them to spain territory.Weather is bad,boat would sink at any moment.i called shore patrol,offered them essential life preservers. not obliged to assist,i left them after ensured safety of those poor guys.
said continueously,teen years ago,my brother is happy to save these refugees that he just settles by sea in holland,appears at very first second in the offing where the help is called.he smiled.but i penetrated sorrows on his sober face.he added said,spain government doesn’t provide accommodation to refugees that they have to pay the landlord their own money,sometimes pay more to gangdom,or roam the streets.so as to survive,they commit criminals.

we started with a topic of PNP report on pfarrkirchen refugee camp in a Cafe which’s i critized Bayern Gov.Landshut lower bayern acts quickly in renovation,can be due to 3 times’ PNP related news in Apr. 2009,Oct.2009,Nov.2009.the lastest one i have to emphasize is comments from Catholicism church.

i actually don’t know what’s the property of asylum house in Bundesamt’s eyes?think it could be defined as ”Buffering Zone” imaged it as an importation. Kindness we must,have read out from relative instance in spain that german govn. truely did great job.the asylum house offers a period refugees to get to know germany,which you can get them easily like german language at least,as well like customs which’s important to know how they behave.[specially girls^^]

what i want point out is,the ”political conciliarism”—-this super rule for ensuring you suceeding in asylum application(get a remain),you will leave the crazy Asylum House(a residency permit),also ”when you leave” and ”how you leave”(a kind of work permission)depends on. this ”political conciliarism” can be discribed in my words as

the INCLINATION germany accepts which group of people,what kind of people,so that tiny factors,include individual case won’t be condidered any more in certain level.directly speaking,of consenquences it’s out of law.

for an example,man may wish SPD on stage but not this current one,this one’s views are totally incredible somehow.its cooperation with Tibet LaMa Group leaves no pardon to rest han-chinese refugees,so may as FaLunGong Community to other groups suffered persecution but with different political views.this’s chinese.we are able to take examples as Kurdish and Iraqish,vary treatment for the black from different area in africa continent.

in another words,it’s about this question:Can HUMANRIGHTS TALK ? obviously not! tell you these,i was stopped in munich airport because they think i am a spy for china 3 years ago.nowadays,a prevention that i am facing to by german goverment is ever i left to UK which will be no longer any chance for me to stay in germany.

conditions have been government-wantedly,strictly,unlawfully filtered are obliged to a certain status you will get.

i think,

Human right doesn’t talk in germany!
Law pratises injusticially in Germany!
Buffering asylum house is just a political camouflage!
it’s isolation!

when the houses or containers cann’t lodge people any more,as the refugee camp in Pfarrkirchen it will cause various humanistic problems.

10th,Dec. -humanrights day Intl. is coming soon,other way round i’d like to say DAMN HUMAN RIGHTS !:-)

patrick 2009