Closing of Lagers

We want all lagers to closed down because we are tired to be in prison as we share rooms with 4-5 people no privacy, no education for people in the village which leads to fustration. Everyday somebody will have to think think think that makes us to be mad, no freedom of movement, we are tired of collecting permission to travel in Deutschland, sometimes we need to come out and see friends and love one but we cant because of the so called land-kries and we dont have money to be paying for permission all the time to see somebody in  the same state. We only need permission to travel outside deutschland. We need freedom in this land, we are tired of been admitted at the hospital because of the so called condition we are facing, am advicing the authorities to think about this seriously so that we can live a better life and helping this country to grow from strength to strength and have the best name in the world.