Living in Bayern Kaserne

The problems we are facing in Bayern casern:

  • we where told at the beginning that we have to live in the camp (in Bayern Kasey) for three month maximum, but jet people are living in this camp for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, … month without transfer into an new (save) home, from the Jugendamt
  • however, also the authority must recognize that living in this camp for such a long period will influence our chances concerning our future.

    All the young people living in this camp are from different countries with different nationalities, different mentalities and behavior, this is not working out well for us. For instance, sleepless nights because of our past but also because people are drinking alcohol, fighting, braking things , yelling … .
  • The environment itself also recalls our memories from the past. Especially the ones that came from a country in war. This place is a former military casern. Also the securities in and around the camp reflects our memories (of beingunfree, of bbeingprisoners), even though there are there to protect us, for our ssafeness… but still, there is a lot of atrocity (violence) going on in the house …
  • Regularly, police comes in the morning ( like 5 am) to rate our rooms for no reason. The wake us up, scream at us, search everything and everyone … after some hours they leave …
  • Our house has a smoke- sensor, many times it went on for no reason, now we are afraid if there will be a real fire the firefighters will not come and the smoke sensor will be of no use, because in the past it went on so many times without reason.