Rodian Formal: “Mahana jee ba ja huska ba kabu

Rodian Formal: “Mahana jee ba ja huska ba kabu

Assault of one’s Clones of the R

Mos Espa chatter: “Daaaa. ” (?)”Ya carry out my personal anah.” (?) Rickshaw Droid: “Boota ooma boo da ee.” (?)”Okey-okey.” (O.K.) Watto: “Weil wanga!” (?) Anakin: “Chut-chut, Watto.” (Greetings, Watto.)”Ding myself chasa hopa.” (I would ike to assist you with you to.) Watto: “Kee booda? ” (Exactly what? Precisely what do you need?)”Anjenda! united nations Jedi!” (Waiting! You may be a great Jedi!)”No bata zero tutu.” (Any it is, I did not get it done.)”Ai!” (Oye!) Anakin: “Me boshka de- Shmi Skywalker.” (I’m finding Shmi Skywalker.)

A great. Salvatore Here’s removed right from the Episode II novelization. Watto: “Zero chuba weil wanga, weil wanga!” (Zero, not too you to definitely – this one!) Anakin: “Chut chut, Watto.” (Greetings, Watto.) Watto: “Ke booda?” (n/a) Anakin: “Di nova, chut chut.” (n/a) Watto: “Go ana bopa!” (n/a) Anakin: “Ding me chasa hopa.” (I want to help you with that.(?)) Watto: “Ke booda?” (n/a)”Yo baan urinate hota.” (n/a)”No wega mi condorta.” (n/a)”Kin chasa du Jedi.” (n/a)”No bata tu tu.” (Any type of it is, I did not exercise.) Anakin: “Mi boska di Shmi Skywalker.” (I am looking for Shmi Skywalker.) Watto: “Annie du Jedi.” (Annie an effective Jedi.)

Galactic Battlegrounds, Duplicate Battles Procedures by LucasArts: Listed here is phonetically transcribed by me personally regarding the Duplicate Wars Procedures, except for the translations which can be word-for-word exactly what searched on display.

Yo bana pee hota?

Taunt: “Annow ripoff bantha poodoo.” (n/a) Boorka the latest Hutt: (Dooku campaign)”Chuba poo cheekta pakoo Jedai.” (You place up a great challenge having good Jedi.)”Jee panway uba stell.” (I adore your style.)”Haba uba canya kee chay choba. (Maybe you is to hear my personal promote.)”Jee tinka uba panwa jee settah.” (In my opinion youll such what i need to say.)”Ohn kone na publiko wata panksta cheesa Mos Osnoe.” (Recently new Republic established an excellent spaceport outside Mos Osnoe.)”Oo ha na bosto moulee-rah po nikee nudcha, hehehe.” (They require an item of the latest Outer Rim trading earnings so you can assist buy its little conflict, hehehe.)”Chuba killee ma panksta with the oba kochba cheejee.” (You take aside one spaceport and youll be doing both of united states a prefer.)”Chawa bonn na chug jee koh ta neen virtual assistant hopa.” (Pursuing the job is complete, Ill reveal what you need to understand.)”Gran sha tacha, on bo publika makaneech pooba jeejee pa poonoo weeteebah, heh, heh, heh.” (Sweet really works! Today on Republic taken care of, maybe we are able to do a bit of organization with her, heh, heh, heh.) “Il jee hek pa noo ka tinka.” (n/a)

Jabba the fresh new Hutt: (Republic campaign)”Jee no waba mu ba outmian nudcha Jedi.” (I have zero desire to rating active in the so it outlander combat, Jedi.)”Il gee hek poonoo ka tinka.” (But i have my personal providers to adopt.)”Boorka pa hopoe de- tocky chee.” (Boorka’s gone too much this time around.)”Koochoo hopa teesa me personally Confeeba loot moulee-rah ulwat ma suns spa.” (He or she is confused towards the Confederacy, powering credit and you will supplies by way of a hidden base from the desert.)”Ulwan beya ta as well kah eel huba pa na joka.” (Smuggling’s one thing, but this might be too risky!)”Killee hoo ha poonoo myself panwa Jedai.” (Pull out its process using my true blessing, Jedi. )”Il gee no killee me personally footoo Hutt.” (However, I am unable to rise above the crowd assisting you to facing an other Hutt.)”Chuba satisfy nu however, uba, hehehe.” (n/a)”Wa ma makacheesa hotshuh poo jee, Jedai.” (My thanks for eliminating you to pain for me personally, Jedi.)”Wa ta moulee-rah uba kebu tah kak, hehhehheh.” (Is something to suit your dilemmas, heh heh heh.) Duplicate Conflicts Cartoon, Occurrence 6: Not sure should this be Huttese or perhaps not but it musical vaguely think its great. Excite elizabeth-mail me once you know. This was transcribed from the ear, spelling errors may possibly occur.