SsangYong Guide

SsangYong Guide

Sang Yong Actyon

I have been using a car for the third year (in Ukraine it is called KORANDO). It satisfies almost everything. Maxi package. In terms of comfort and handling, it corresponds to the main brands in the parquet class.

Sang Yong Actyon Sport

I bought a car from the officials in 2011 as standard, installed a kung in the service, installed a radio tape recorder, ordered individual tailoring of leather for the seats, installed molding, in general, the car was finished.

Sang Yong Chairman

I already have a Ssangyong Chairman off-road vehicle of this brand, but my work also requires an executive car, so the SsangYong Chairman added to my small fleet. What’s up with me.

Sang Yong Istana

hello! So I decided to write about the available car. I’ll start with the fact that several times I wanted to change this car to a newer (fresh) one, but no matter how much I tried to find an alternative car.

Sang Yong Kallista

All my life I dreamed that, as in the song: "And I’ll sit in a convertible." Thanks to SsangYong Kallista my dream came true. This Korean convertible is just a fairy tale. My car is from 1991, but it looks great.

Sang Yong Korando

It costs its money, this car is for people who often have a rest in nature (hunting, fishing). The city is also convenient although the speakers are not enough. spare parts are cheap almost at the level of VAZ, unpretentious in service.

Sang Yong Kyron

An excellent reliable car, in operation since the summer of 2012. Never let me down. Driving every day. Started at -30. With an autonomous stove Eberspecher, the interior heating is very good.