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What If Buttered ?— By Political Conciliarism,Law Is Injusticial

narrated by a dutch captain when i sat in front of him,a man right back from Balearic Sea:
more or less 45 schabbily dressed Africans, formed mainly from children and middle-aged,also some eldly,were taking a small boat to Spain. Boat SOS the holland oil tanker,and asked wether help transport part of them to spain territory.Weather is bad,boat would sink at any moment.i called shore patrol,offered them essential life preservers. not obliged to assist,i left them after ensured safety of those poor guys.
said continueously,teen years ago,my brother is happy to save these refugees that he just settles by sea in holland,appears at very first second in the offing where the help is called.he smiled.but i penetrated sorrows on his sober face.he added said,spain government doesn’t provide accommodation to refugees that they have to pay the landlord their own money,sometimes pay more to gangdom,or roam the as to survive,they commit criminals.

we started with a topic of PNP report on pfarrkirchen refugee camp in a Cafe which’s i critized Bayern Gov.Landshut lower bayern acts quickly in renovation,can be due to 3 times’ PNP related news in Apr. 2009,Oct.2009,Nov.2009.the lastest one i have to emphasize is comments from Catholicism church.

i actually don’t know what’s the property of asylum house in Bundesamt’s eyes?think it could be defined as ”Buffering Zone” imaged it as an importation. Kindness we must,have read out from relative instance in spain that german govn. truely did great job.the asylum house offers a period refugees to get to know germany,which you can get them easily like german language at least,as well like customs which’s important to know how they behave.[specially girls^^]

what i want point out is,the ”political conciliarism”—-this super rule for ensuring you suceeding in asylum application(get a remain),you will leave the crazy Asylum House(a residency permit),also ”when you leave” and ”how you leave”(a kind of work permission)depends on. this ”political conciliarism” can be discribed in my words as

the INCLINATION germany accepts which group of people,what kind of people,so that tiny factors,include individual case won’t be condidered any more in certain level.directly speaking,of consenquences it’s out of law.

for an example,man may wish SPD on stage but not this current one,this one’s views are totally incredible somehow.its cooperation with Tibet LaMa Group leaves no pardon to rest han-chinese refugees,so may as FaLunGong Community to other groups suffered persecution but with different political views.this’s chinese.we are able to take examples as Kurdish and Iraqish,vary treatment for the black from different area in africa continent.

in another words,it’s about this question:Can HUMANRIGHTS TALK ? obviously not! tell you these,i was stopped in munich airport because they think i am a spy for china 3 years ago.nowadays,a prevention that i am facing to by german goverment is ever i left to UK which will be no longer any chance for me to stay in germany.

conditions have been government-wantedly,strictly,unlawfully filtered are obliged to a certain status you will get.

i think,

Human right doesn’t talk in germany!
Law pratises injusticially in Germany!
Buffering asylum house is just a political camouflage!
it’s isolation!

when the houses or containers cann’t lodge people any more,as the refugee camp in Pfarrkirchen it will cause various humanistic problems.

10th,Dec. -humanrights day Intl. is coming soon,other way round i’d like to say DAMN HUMAN RIGHTS !:-)

patrick 2009

Informationsasymmetrie,Devil Economics

information asymmetry
”german law gives no allowence to overthrow its current system,toppling your china government is violating german constitution” — at a hearing,officer says to a political asylum seeker.he sat about, frustrated. in 2 seconds the officer starts a new question. his no oppugnation of it becomes pretermission of that.

if you agreed,toppling the illegal one is legal.

many chinese seekers complain their being ‘tricked’ by such whoever hearing officers and interpreters,by their inclination,by asymmetry information**.

fuck up up up the officials…
fuck down the ‘oriental despotism’…
Freaky Fear Economic

fear–is a powerful weapon.
deportation puts you in danger,you fear,as well any other limited conditional things:food,water,accomodation and transportation;if you are an asylee in bayern.

pitifully,the rather brilliant and shrewd officials used to ‘THIS’.Boschets-Bullshits-rieder str.41 d-81379 is funky,do you agree?
Zoological R Society ZRS–protects no human,but animals in o’ffice,cold blood devils.humanrights is kind of good they know,you would shut up,be down, if you are in the edge of being limited,being deported.

°_° ”’


**which’s the officer has more informations to be on a vantage point.

about Krankenschein(SHV),and more…

the most of asylum seekers in germany must have a Krankenschein before they go to see a doctor.

i did not get any one as i kept a normal condition since 18 months. recently i have to,because i am distracted. a british doctor said i was having ADD so that i nearly throw away my NI card(national insurance card,in british hospitalization system).but i am glad i am still potential.

i told a holland friend i have to cancel our appointment the next day because i first have to go to Sozialamt to get that paper,he could not understand what is Krankenschein,”a permission which to the doctor’s ” i said to him while he was bug-eyed.

Is it wrong of saying – a permission to the doctor’s?

I don’t agree that ever british politicians said many many many asylees are ‘‘stealling‘‘ britain hospitaliyation resource,even though i was putting a part of laborage into the resource. We understand why this or that is defensing itself.


this is politically using to deport asylum seekers now. My roomate is suffering toothache,while someone is asking for his passport.

I do not want to against germany,but we have to think over it,a proper solution is very necessary.

For instance, 2 weeks ago,the friend inquire to german government possible that germany can ‘transfer‘ me to holland,because holland treats asylees better than germany(at least,this boy who is writing this article has been insulted in public by german police).

she-the officer-said: ‘where is his passport?

”Munich airport holds his passport. his china driving licence,identity card,household,school certification and reports can not show who he is? You are facing to all his doings on newspaper,in internet,he is in danger,why turn your blind eye to this? Why not let him go when you are not able to,don’t wish to take the responsibility?”friend said.this is also i want to say here.

Government is always able to choose ”to answer” or ”not to answer”. People in government follow his own


contort acknowledged values. ‘Politician‘ contains ten letters,is of two kind of people who practises it.RATION-german strongpoint-can not withstand these either.

A chinese proverb

that teaches man do not occupy the lavatory when the man does not want to shit,:-) you would understand it exactly,wouldn’t you?

!!All above is the exertion of freedom of speech!!

frames of mind


Chinese investigate germany,german actual slack system after 2nd world war is on account of france,because france does not want a gumptious neighbor.
Friend Chik–an american chinese–was detained in Munich when he came to germany for commerce,which caused by a commercial dispute in Hongkong 1995.
Chik repeated to me the american consulate’s telephone enquiry to munich which he wants,as he cannot stand the only 2 times‘ shower a week in detaintion centre .

*US Consulate:may i ask when you will release mr.Chik?
*M: i don’t know.
*US Consulate: and do you know why you arrest him?!
*M: …

(don’t know reason?false arrested?)


Many china people are pleased at chinese system is running so efficiently that any demoncratic system cannot achieve. I am not happy with this,but it is indeed.
still can not find a word to describe the german system besides slackness,which is also existent,I swear to the god. ‘fou’ ,a Scottish one,so I combinate them—acting as a fou. This could be the first time you see it,just made by a fcuking asylee.
Acting as a fou,hard to understand?,at a word,like I ever asked an offcier:do you think germany is shirking the responsioblities in aslyum affairs specially include my case. She said,why we must take them in?
I must say the substantive right can be negligible,no wonder killing is just civilization falling down accidently.


‘Huh,also asylee’ — the plainclothesman disdainfully spoke to me.
I do not have bomb,chinese have a lot of sexbombs,if you want,china would have gift you a A-Bomb. this was what I say to the plainclothesman when I was controlled in Mühldorf railway station Nd Bayern,when he had rude to a chinese woman who get controlled too,when he nearly took off my trousers in public on platfrom 1 mühldorf.
all people who are leading a normal life,I beg you to project yourself into such lives in germany in the hereinbefore case of I have to say so.
jokingly speaking,Deutschland should make up its mind to be Goetheland or Polizeiland.

china geheimdienst ohne grenzen?

informed by a posted man china ‘police’ are in boschetsriederstrasse 41 munich where the BAMF stands on, which is for a coorperation between china-german government of a deportation plan in their official commentary. untill now,there isn’t yet any big media has pertinent reports on this event,and it seems that this would be mystically appeared and disappeared.
as it was taking place,süddeutsche zeitung touched my persecution story;meantime,my documents were being asked to send to those ”policemen” by german officers.i am happy i am still here.

the uigur organization of munich was been condemned to instigate and make the killing tragedy in Xinjiang Province by china govn. at the same time.

it’s necessary to ‘unscramble’ this ‘cooperation’.

understandable that germany ever took in enormous nummber of chinese asylum seekers to its wilful thinkings.
period changes,Bundesamt is anxious to find a way to reduce chinese asylum applicants,its burden and mistakes.
but,even if,it does not mean china’s cooperation is the sticking point.

i may have your notice:china angrys at germany’s noncooperation in violence of munich chinese consulate,twice both made by tibetan and uigur last 2 years.the former one conducted its media magnify these two ‘most serious violences among the all chinese consulates’ ,to exasperate chinese people.’provocation’ is used by china spokesman.
try to question it,how they wish to cooperate with germany.obvious that it must be of some other motivations.

are they real policemen,can they be china national security workers?did they come for the uigur revolutionary,or,for espial?
why bundesamt allows them to execute the law in Germany,where is german dignity?
why germany has a second-timed persecution to chinese asylum seekers?HOW THE SEEKERS’ FAMILIES IN INTERNAL CHINA CAN BE SECURE?
what is both the governments’ each true intention?

it could be the most huge honour for ‘china police’ to work in munich.;-)
commonsensibly,when ‘china police’ works,the righteousness ends.i have to say,it is a shame this time for BAMF to betray german principles and conscience.

jiang nan July,2009

any breathing for life gets ahead of the existence of his/her is german governmant?

german culture experience

i was invited to walk through a Linde allee together with a german girl.a year later,an old woman tells me Linde tree is a symbol of love in german culture,till that monment i finally cleared about what the girl meant.
you know,love is the understanding of mine,the girl should be direct in her german-styled expression,anyway,it is my most beautiful memory in germany.i appreciate it.

BMW trade mark is tranlated into ”Junoesque Horse” in chinese,that’s nothing to do with Bayrische Motor Werke, it is with blue and white color pane that is from Baryern kindom flag.I told these to a friend with Sun family name.a businessman he is,I heard his laughs in my call.
my research is,BMW never expound its details of trade mark in china,which just are connotations of Baryern State.

[the friend aged 23 is fabulously rich,he got not only a BMW car but also a Posche in doubt the common wealth now is controlled by certain high ranking people in china,and at present they are the men of the China-man ;-)]

the current my asylum position is not allowed me to leave a Landkreis where I’m living.I am in Rottalinn.i wanna have a go to Burghausen last year,for a middle age culture tour.I was imperturbably facing to a woman in BAMF munich,when she negated it with contumelious strain.and this ludicrous fact of course must appear in chinese and japanese media later on,as my retorsion,because can you image that there was a my political purpose in Burghausen middle-age Castle which is fucking harmful to german federal government?

Mr.Ackermann is the chief of Goethe Institute Beijing.He is working hard in spreading abroad german culture so that we must pay a lot of respect to him.i ever saw him speaking in china state media:chinese people alway make germay relate with war,it should be changed.

here comes my conclusion:Germany is a great courntry.With your love,she is more beautiful!chinese don’t know germany yet,they’re trying to carry forward their culture,so does germany.but,there are idiots in german govermant pretending to be elitist are maring steps of german culture to go stronger.They not only have scares but also stupidities.

i hope this would have your a bit of attendtion.

jiang nan


this is the rate of german federal government accepts chinese asylum seekers,which you can easily get it from government.It is correct.

china gonernment has a statistical office,and it alway offers LUDICROUS nummber to common people, for instance,eximious economic growth,balanced social wealth distributing etc.

back to the 3%:if china produced 3.1%,or 2.9% to germany in the past,that means,someone has been treated unjustly,or someone has been being connivance.I heard a story,Bundesamt accepted a chineseman who has been persecuted due to he thieved a DUCK from his neighbor,he was almost cruelly killed by policemen.

as a chinese,i think it’s incredible,and IMPOSSIBLE of course,the man would have a warning or at most two weeks’ detaintion punishment in such case.just think it over,is it necessary for the state to work in this trifles,does it take too much resoures to KILL the guy?

the duck-man is so LUDICROUS,the nummber 3% too.

the german politicians want to continue the humanrights game with china?communists and physicists say qualitative change comes from quantitative change.Now the internal chinese feckly think the western’s china humanrights records are bullshit! i don’t care about their thinkings are correct or incorrect,but i care about what in future the counter-attack german politicians will recieve from their all babyish behaviors.

‘doing a deal’ needs jetton. it’s time to end.

for the men beyong nummber 3%,it is certain that they are unlunky to make asylum appilications in germany.and,most of the ones would have same question to ”the one” overriding them:my honourable Bundesamt,may i scram away from here?///-_-

jiang nan

There is,always is

Stratagem learnning suggests:wether you would have fall into your opponent’s trick,or you just went in his trick’s(laudatory:stratagem) direction of and turned it to your adventage,is up to your position.Dominant or not.
(Mentioned in Blog Thanks)I was in China Consulate,I shown my identity to china officers.I went BAMF’s direction of,seems that I must be deported back to China.But,in Pfarrkirchen I am now .
Question is:what is the dominant?The will-power the governor privately has?The common values exist in the world?
The answer naturely is:Common values in the world stand up for it..

In year 2008 I had such two instances for what’re german common values.
A german student threw his shoe to China Prime Minister Wen in Cambrige University,while he was shouting “You are a autocrat!”.
A german lecturer in Tsinghua University seriously stated his views on Tibet affairs”Communism can not poison Tibetan any more,a free Tibet is real China!”
We have a further question:Does current German Law stand with the values?Of course it does,because Germany has a collective,demoncratic Government.

I myself had such instance:my second asylum application is rejected in the situation of the officer in BAMF Nürnberg DID NOT see any my statements.(Besides,I also paid attention that he–the officer has a doctor degree!)

As a people in praying,I insist on that Germany is different from China.But such a thing cann’t be shirked by an excuse of Bürokratie.

There is,always is the button line which can not be broken.There exist,always exist values (e.g. humanrights) we cann’t encroach on.There is,always is somthing we must uphold!

For my case,I am expecting a new justice-upholder.

Best regards,
Jiang Nan


I’m a narrow-minded person,here for the reason I have to do sth. again for BAMF(as mentioned in Blog ‘Summer 2009).
I was sent to China Consulate in name of going to my lawyer’s by a deportation order from BAMF.I was at that time in Detaintion Centre Munich,and believe me that you can not get any fast,efficient help to stop them in that situation!
Such TRICK that BAMF presented to me as well when I was in Britain far away from Germany. Britain Govt. was infromed formally that I would not leave England willingly.Be honest,I couldn’t find any reason to remain in England if I had an acceptance from Germany. As an extension of BAMF’s political smile to Britain Govt. ,I was detained,and almost be deported.After sussceed in preventing deportation,I was noticed that Police could come someday to my hostel,and the plane loaded me will take off to China,to death!

God says thank you!I am still alive,and will survive!
I thank the woman in UNESCO Bamberg,the two men in Jesusist Org. who stopped the deportation!
I thank all the Organizations which are helping asylum seekers,thank the people putting heart in upholding justice!
Thank you!

Jiang Nan