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The Black Side of Dating Apps for Gay Men

The Black Side of Dating Apps for Gay Men

The Quint talked to many men that are gay had faced extortion as a result of users that they had met on dating apps.

Multimedia Producer: Kunal MehraCamerapersons: Mukul Bhandari, Sumit Badola, Abhishek Ranjan & Shiv Kumar MauryaProduction Help: Aviral Shah and Hussain

But, the guy Rohan came across did take him out n’t for lunch. Alternatively, Rohan ended up being robbed, beaten, pressed into a motor vehicle and taken fully to an unidentified location where he had been gang-raped for 3 days right. Rohan needed aid that is medical get over the emotionally along with physically traumatic experience: pipelines had been placed into his genitalia to assist with excretion as his anal cells had suffered harm. At a loss for where you can look for redress, Rohan plunged into despair.

From Casual Dinner to Gang Rape.

It started innocuously sufficient: Rohan received a text from a person whom advertised, on their profile, to be always a 26-year-old man that is gay. He sent Rohan a few photographs and quickly, the two started speaking over the telephone. Continue reading The Black Side of Dating Apps for Gay Men