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Kunis, Timberlake bring sexy straight back in ‘Friends With Advantages’

Kunis, Timberlake bring sexy straight back in ‘Friends With Advantages’

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By ROGER MOORE, Orlando Sentinel 23, 2011 – 3:32 PM july

Mila Kunis feels the requirement to set the record right.

Yes, she ended up being sharing a steamy love scene with Justin Timberlake inside their intercourse comedy “Friends With Benefits, ” which started on the weekend. Yes, she knew Timberlake’s reputation as a lady-killer, from Britney to Fergie, Alyssa Milano, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel and possibly Olivia Wilde.

And, yes, she dozed off in the center of said sexy scene. But she can explain.

” just just exactly exactly What occurred, and exactly just exactly exactly what began this wonderful rumor, had been we had been at the conclusion of, like, a 17-hour or 20-hour workday, ” Kunis states. ” It ended up being a scene where Justin needed to kiss my neck, or possibly my straight back. And my face ended up being turned from the camera. “

Timberlake pipelines up, “We had been inserts that are doing small cut-in shots, at the conclusion of the afternoon. “

“You literally just see my neck and possibly my locks, ” Kunis continues.

“The digital camera’s on me personally along with her back, ” Timberlake adds.

“But Justin had taken a nap in the day, because he knew it had been likely to be a lengthy one, at lunchtime, ” Kunis continues. “and I also had not. I did not. “

“You require your naps, ” Timberlake helpfully adds.

“then when we noticed that we was not likely to be seen on digital camera, I extremely politely asked if it might be okay if we shut my eyes for one minute, ” Kunis states. “we think it is vital to inform your co-star when you are planning to rest in the exact middle of a scene. Continue reading Kunis, Timberlake bring sexy straight back in ‘Friends With Advantages’