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Changing VLOOKUP with the information Model and Relationships

Changing VLOOKUP with the information Model and Relationships

March 07, 2018 – by Bill Jelen

Don’t possess Power Pivot? Does Not Matter. Nearly all of energy Pivot is created directly into Excel 2013 and many more in succeed 2016. Today, our tip from Ash is joining tables in a pivot dining table.

Every Wednesday for seven months, i’m featuring one of several favorite guidelines from Ash Sharma. Ash is an item supervisor regarding the succeed group. Their group brings you pivot tables and several other good stuff. Today, Ash’s favorite function is joining numerous information sets utilizing Relationships together with information Model.

Say that your particular I.T. department provides you with the information set shown in columns A:D. You can find areas for consumer and market. You’ll want to combine particular areas into areas. Each consumer belongs to a sector. Region and Sector aren’t within the initial information, you have lookup tables to produce these details.

You can combine three information sets making use of INDEX and MATCH VLOOKUPs are effective. However the information Model is really so much easier.

Usually, you’ll flatten the info simply by using VLOOKUP to pull information through the orange and yellowish tables in the blue table. But because the key field just isn’t in the left part of each and every dining table, you certainly will either need to change to INDEX and MATCH, or re-arrange the lookup tables.

Beginning in Excel 2013, it is possible to leave the lookup tables where they truly are and combine them when you look at the pivot dining table report it self.

With this strategy to work, all three tables must certanly be Formatted as a dining table. Choose one cellular in each data set and select Residence, Format as dining table or press Ctrl + T . The 3 tables will at first be called Table1, Table2, and Table3. I take advantage of the dining table Tools Design tab associated with Ribbon and re-name each dining table. Continue reading Changing VLOOKUP with the information Model and Relationships