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Savage like: Painted toenails kink tiny price for relationship

Savage like: Painted toenails kink tiny price for relationship

I’m a gay guy who’s associated with a man We met a couple of months before COVID-19 became popular. He’s a fantastic man: smart, funny, hot, healthier, and easy become around. It started being a hookup, but we now have chemistry on a few amounts and, without either of us needing to say it, we began seeing one another frequently. Both of us reside alone and made a decision to be exclusive because of the pandemic. We really don’t know what we’re doing here. All at the same time it’s some combination of friends, fuck buddies, and married couple.

I desired to simply keep a a valuable thing going but he just tossed me a curveball that We need help determining the way to handle.

Without warning, I was told by him he held back once again telling me personally about their foot fetish. He says he’s had extremely experiences that are bad dudes who weren’t involved with it. He’s been keeping it to himself and seeking at stuff on the web. I’m pretty vanilla and never I know kinks are a thing for a lot of guys and I’m willing to help out a good guy into it, but. I’m a reader that is longtime of, Dan, being GGG is important in my opinion. Therefore he was asked by me to share with me personally just exactly what this means and exactly what he would like to do. He really wants to therapeutic therapeutic massage, wash, and kiss my legs and draw my feet. Okay, that is perhaps perhaps not hot in my opinion, nonetheless it’s probably doable occasionally. He, fortunately, does not need me personally to do just about anything together with his legs.

But there is more. We can’t think I’m writing this: he asked him paint my toenails sometimes if I would let! WTF? He could hardly state it and seemed sorts of unwell after he did. We’re both traditional cis males. Neither of us are into fem material. He advertised it is maybe not about making me femme. He claims it is only a hot thing for him. Continue reading Savage like: Painted toenails kink tiny price for relationship